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Talking Matters – communication for well-being

ECE services play an important role in growing emotional literacy for tamariki. By creating language-rich environments, including responsive interactions, Kaiako become influential in the well-being of the tamariki. When communication and language are given priority the well-being of teachers and whānau is enhanced too. This workshop emphasises a whole-of-centre approach. We hold a communication lens over the entire curriculum, positioning responsive interactions as key drivers of well-being. Participants will gain new insights on the importance of equitable language experiences and the power of intentional interactions. Alongside this we will share some of the strategies we use to make meaningful changes to practice.

Presented by:

Jilly Tyler

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Jilly is driven to achieve great outcomes for children and their families. She has the privilege of guiding the strategy to achieve the Talking Matters mission, which is to improve quality of life outcomes through rich early language. She has extensive experience in early childhood education, encompassing teaching, professional development, and educational management.  Jilly has held senior roles in central government, leading early childhood policy implementation. More recently she designed and delivered community facing projects that use data and measurement to drive impact.
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