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The ECE Funding System / Handbook from an operational point of view

Todd Painter, of Advance ECE, shares insights on the ECE funding system / handbook from an operational point of view. He will discuss how you can develop good financial systems and monitoring to ensure the viability of your service, so you can focus more on achieving outcomes for children. In this session we will work through effective record management, good financial policies and procedures, ease for parents to enquire and enrol, effective fee structures, reduce daily administration and repetitive tasks, time management and communication. This will all aid in utilising your current student management system and meet the requirements for ECE funding and the Licensing Criteria.

Presented by:

Todd Painter

Click my photo for more information about me!

I work with you to review your current practices, provide training in ECE funding and how to optimise your student management software. I support childcare centres to meet the regulatory requirements of ECE funding and ensure your services are sustainable to provide the best outcomes for our children. It has always been my philosophy to improve the standards in our sector. I have been a centre owner for 20+ years, active in centre-based administration on a regular basis and I have been a consultant in this area for 10+ years.
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