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How do you keep your teams energised and engaged?

Paula will be sharing some valuable secrets to success: •How do you keep your teams energised and engaged? •How do you build capacity and knowledge within your teams? •How are children and team members benefiting from your growth as a leader or owner? Our centres have demonstrated that these skills have benefited staff retention and ultimately success with centre reputation. You will have the opportunity to listen to some of our centres success stories and understand how some of these strategies could benefit your centre.

Presented by:

Paula Hawkings

Click my photo for more information about me!

30+ years in the ECE Sector has seen many challenges for Paula Hawkings to over come. With a down to earth and practical approach to providing solutions Paula is happy to share her ece successes with you. Through a variety of roles in ECE which includes Facilitator, Centre Manager roles, Operations Manager, General Manger to business owner Paula has worked with well over 300 centres to provide a wide range of support. Success looks different for each person as an individual – what does success look like for you and how can you achieve this in a sector full of obstacles for yourself and your team?
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