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Identifying and addressing workplace issues

Navigating your way through employment issues can often be challenging as there are a variety of processes, which need to be followed to address these issues. Being able to recognise, understand and appropriately address these issues is key to fostering and maintaining a safe, productive, and cohesive working environment. This interactive workshop will give you the confidence and knowledge to identify and address employment issues appropriately.

This workshop will cover:
- some of the issues that commonly arise within the workplace, such as misconduct/serious misconduct, poor performance, long term and ongoing illness, excessive absenteeism and relational issues;
- common employment issues we are seeing in the sector including:
- misconduct/serious misconduct
- relational issues
- performance concerns
- absence and long term or ongoing illness and injury
- how to identify employment issues appropriately; and
- the different processes available to address these issues including informal processes and formal processes.

This interactive workshop will support you to address concerns in the workplace.

Presented by:

Caro Rieger

Click my photo for more information about me!

Caro has extensive experience partnering with employers to achieve their business and people goals and is a trusted advisor to boards and executives in private and public organisations. Caro regularly assists school boards and early childhood providers and other organisations where professional disciplinary matters may arise. She has a unique understanding of the challenges faced by these organisations and the regulatory frameworks they work within.

Caro is the Director and Principal Lawyer for Black Door Law, ECC’s preferred supplier for employment law advice. Black Door Law operates the ECC helpline, providing ECC members with specialist knowledge and a full range of advice on employment issues that face Early Childhood Education centres.

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